Notary offices in Canton Berne

Independent professionals

Our notaries are all officially certified by Canton Berne. Being a notary is a learned public profession, independent of local administration and jurisdiction. Notaries work independently, without instruction from others, for their own account and on their own responsibility. This means that in providing our notary services we are flexible in terms of time and place, so our clients can obtain notary attestation at any time. Notaries are subject to a duty of confidentiality and are liable for damages they or their staff have caused through their own negligence.

Training and certification

Our notaries have completed several years of legal training, divided into academic and on-the-job learning. The first requirement is a degree or master's degree in law from a Swiss university. Then, candidates have to complete a two-year placement and pass the official notary examination.

To obtain a licence to practise the profession, candidates must be resident in Switzerland, have orderly financial affairs, provide a bond, take out professional liability insurance, and have suitable office premises.


The notary has authority to act in matters of non-contentious jurisdiction, in particular to provide notarisation throughout Canton Berne.


Notary offices in Berne, and thus Marco Strahm Notariat, are supervised by the Justiz-, Gemeinde- und Kirchendirektion (cantonal judiciary, community and ecclesiastical administration) of Canton Berne. Marco Strahm Notariat is audited like all other notarial offices once a year by the Justiz-, Gemeinde- und Kirchendirektion of Canton Berne.